General Questions

 We are open Monday-Friday 9a-5p, offer after hour and weekend access to our members and 24/7 access to our private office members. We’re closed on all national holidays.

Co-working is a new wave that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon (we happen to think it is a pretty cool wave)! It’s where you take a handful of bright, creative entrepreneurs and working professionals and allow them to co-work in one location. Usually the end result is a bunch of ideas coming together and greatness being formed.

 A day office is the perfect solution for an on the go professional who just needs a place to call their own for a few hours. We provide everything that you would need for the office, you just show up and do what you do best. Even though you may only be with us a few hours we give you full access to our receptionist, high speed wi-fi, complimentary beverages, printing and most importantly a furnished room! Hey you never know, you may love it so much that you’ll want to turn it into your private office.

A private office space is just that! A private space that you can customize to fit your brand. We give you a blank canvas that you can completely make your own. We know at times it can be hard to focus in a home office, so we provide the environment for you to thrive as well as network with other like-minded individuals. You’ll have access to a furnished room, high speed Wi-Fi, receptionist, beverage delivery service. Wait, what’s a beverage delivery service? Glad you asked! If you’re in a meeting and your guests are parched, don’t stop your meeting to go grab drinks. Just submit a request to the receptionist and the beverages for you and your clients will be delivered to you. In addition to that, you’ll have 24/7 access, meeting room and photo/video studio access.

 Sometimes you don’t need four walls and a door to get work done. If an open area is your ideal working environment then our workspaces are perfect for you! A workspace is literally an open work area where people can drop in and make things happen. Usually a setting like this is bound to create perfect networking opportunities. With this option, you will have access to high speed Wi-fi, receptionist, complimentary beverages and much more!

 We know a physical location is not always a need for every business. But we do know that everyone gets mail and packages for their business. Let’s face it, it would look totally professional to have your mail going to a business address instead of your home. Let us handle that for you, and provide you with a business address to receive your mail and packages. If you choose, we’ll even make your life easier by delivering your mail to you or sending it electronically. But that’s not all! We’ll even handle all of your incoming calls too, provide a custom transfer greeting and voicemail system of your choice. You’ll sound like a legit business without having to worry about all the overhead expenses of an actual office.

We deliver to the following zip codes within the Cleveland area:


Live outside of these zip codes? Don’t worry, we’ll ship the packages right to your doorstep. Standard shipping rates do apply.

 Our meeting space is a private room designed to hold trainings, meetings and presentations. Our room can comfortably seat anywhere from 2-12 people, includes a dry erase board, flip chart, complimentary beverages, a 70” Flat screen TV and more.

 Studio Space you say? Our studio space is our hidden gem that you will not find at most co-working facilities. We provide 1,300 sq ft of endless opportunities. Use the space as an opportunity to film a new commercial, or take some cool headshots during a photoshoot OR even host a small professional event. We would hate to limit your creativity, so we make the studio space available 7 days a week! The Studio Space comes equipped with a designated hair and makeup station, infinity wall, Phillip Hue automated lights, and exposed brick.

Of course we do! We understand that all businesses don’t have traditional 9am-5pm hours. So with that in mind, we will gladly extend our hours Monday thru Friday until 12am with associated after hour rates for use in our Meeting Space and Studio Space. For those with private offices you are free to stop in whenever, let those ideas flow at 2am if you are up to it!

 We like to make things super easy for you! In order to book a space at our facility, we require everyone to become a member first. After signing up for your free membership you’ll have access to book one of our spaces any time you’d like.


 We would love to have you as a member! The sign up process is simple and the monthly membership cost is absolutely FREE! Yep, you read that correctly, FREE! So sign up today!

Great question! Becoming a member allows you the ability to book any of our spaces when it’s most convenient for you. You’ll also belong to a private community of entrepreneurs and working professionals that you’ll be able to connect with through your members only portal. Call it our secret society of business leaders! AND you’ll receive exclusive promotions, business tips, resources and MORE!

 Indeed you can! We offer several virtual office packages for working professionals who would like to utilize a business address instead of a home address.

 Although we love our four legged friends, we unfortunately are not a pet friendly facility.

 There are convenient parking locations within close proximity to the office as well as street parking. Or as an alternative, public transportation is easily accessible to eliminate the worries of figuring out where to park.

 Give us a call or schedule a tour online. We’d be delighted to show you around! We are confident that before you finish the tour you’ll  ask “Where do I sign up?!”


 Sure do! At Spaces we believe in saving a few trees. With that in mind, we will offer a few pages to you at no cost. After the maximum number pages have been exceeded, there is a small charge for printing.